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Our Specialties - Home Interior Designers in Chennai

Synergy Decor can transform your home into any kind of interior that you desire. From a truly spectacular statement piece to a subtle way to introduce colour, we make it happen.

best home interiors in Chennai

Modular Kitchen

Single Line, Two Line, L Shaped, U Shaped or Island Get the Style You like for your Kitchen. Affordable Modular Kitchens the way you like. 

best home interiors in Chennai


Beautiful Wardrobes for Traditional Homes or Modern Homes. We do Wardrobes in various designs and colours to match your décor and style.

home interiors in Chennai


It can be difficult to find space for everything, especially if you're a hoarder. Solution: get a loft! You can store all of your things in there and you'll have more space in your apartment.

home interiors in Chennai

TV Units

TV units are always a great compliment to the room. They are also the first attraction for a home. We personally recommend getting a customized TV unit that fits your size of entertainment and TV.

home interior designers in Chennai

Crockery Units

The display of crockery in your home can be a difficult task. Crockery units are a wonderful way to display your crockery in an organized and aesthetically pleasing way. 

home interior designers in Chennai


The best way to give a room added character and depth is to add wooden panels. Panels are easy to install and are a great way to expand your home decorating skills.

interior design for house in Chennai

Storage Cabinets

Storage cabinets are a necessity in any house. The right cabinets can help you maximize your storage space and be there to help you organize your home.

interior design for house in Chennai

Studio Homes

Studio homes are small homes with an open floor plan that is trendy and appealing to many people. They have minimal furniture, but enough to fit all your needs. They are trendy and stylish.

interior designers in Chennai for small houses


If you own a large home, you can use dividers to separate rooms. You can even use the divider to create a more formal dining space.

interior designers in Chennai for small houses

Pooja Units

Pooja units are nifty little units for people to display various pooja items in. It can be made from a range of materials and customized in a variety of ways. They're great for people who like to showcase their religious beliefs

False Ceiling

False ceiling is nowadays more popular among homeowners because of the stylish and elegant look it provides to the interior. It helps to make space look bigger and more spacious.

Electrical Works

If you are looking for a reliable solution for your home, you can trust us to help you with any electrical work that you need. We are capable of providing you with any and all electrical services needed to complete home electrical work.


The right floor is a thing of beauty. The most important thing to consider when choosing your flooring is what you want out of it and what you're willing to spend. We have a variety of flooring options to choose from!


Many people have no idea just how much work goes into painting a house. The process is a marathon, not a sprint, and you need to plan accordingly. We are your pain experts and can handle any project. 

Renovation Works

Whether you're interested in a simple redecorating or a total overhaul, we can do a wide range of renovations for you. We're committed to making sure you experience top-notch craftsmanship.

Best Home Interior Designers In Chennai

How Do We Work?

A room without beauty, space, or texture, what would you call it? House. The space where you live should have the right composition of style and functionality. Be it your single BHK apartment, your workplace, or the industrial plant, the ambience in which you live or work should be maintained. Hence, this is what we do at Synergy Decor, one of the best interior designers in Chennai for small houses, prioritize both the functionality and beauty of the space through our state-of-art-technology to give your home a flawless look which lasts for years to come. In order to achieve the same, we conduct a step-by-step process.

Gathering Requirements:

The initial step at Synergy Decor is to get all the essential resources. Gathering requirements allows us to understand the process that we should be indulged in and how to present them in the way our client needs. We have the best house interior design Chennai, who assess the given project and give you clear guidance on what you want from our viewpoint. Hence, this helps you to get ideas on the given space and how we achieve the same in getting your dream space.

After presenting our idea, we would like to explore the space's ideas from your point of view. So, it includes documenting your ideas, every minute detail, your preferred style and many more. Whether it is a modular kitchen Chennai or a commercial space, this is the foremost step we indulge in.

Site Measurement:

Along with gathering the resources, our experts also visit the site to get in-depth knowledge on the right specifications. Synergy Decor offers you the best interior design for house in Chennai by visiting the site to take the necessary measurements and even take photographs of the given space for deep analysis to recreate as per your needs. 

Hence, after thoroughly understanding your expectation, suggestion, and site analysis, we arrive at the space planning. At this time, we approach you with the preliminary budget and establish the architectural plans for the space with refined creatives and concepts. Similarly, we also arrive at different elements, which include the texture, finishes, materials, and fixtures, to get your approval.

Idea Representation:

The next step in this process is where Synergy, the home interior designers in Chennai with price affordable offers a complete 2D and 3D representation of your approved ideology be it a home or commercial industry. We utilize advanced technology in representing our ideas to our clients, which acts as a visual treat for them to see their dream space through various applications. However, at this point, if there is any change, it can be sorted out. We find this visual representation a great tool that helps our clients walk through the given idea effectively.

Factory-Produced Products:

Synergy the best home interior designers in Chennai approach the factories that manufacture the interior products for your dream space at this step. We offer factory-finished products for clients to ensure durability and customer satisfaction. Our finished products are made from quality raw materials and undergo all the essential processes to achieve the desired results. 

We also assist with the delivery of your custom-made processes, such as furniture, cabinets, racks, and many more, with utmost care and attention. Similarly, at this point, we also make regular visits to the site and the factories as well to ensure that all the processes are on track. We also look out for the various challenges that arise during this process and sort out the same for remarkable workflow.

Product Assembly:

Finally, after receiving the deliverables, it is time for product assembly, where the products are installed at their respective position. It is this time when all your designs are implemented and coming to life. All your products of dream spaces are installed with the help of professional contractors and builders as per the plan. Our top interior designers in Chennai also assist in determining whether they follow the plan and whether everything falls into the right place.

Synergy Decor, one of the best home interiors in Chennai, is right here to make your interiors look the way you always dreamt of. Our interior decorators offers you the best home interior design Chennai by guiding you through every step and take care of every detail to ensure that your space has both beauty and functionality. 

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