Be in a happy or sad mood; you cannot stop admiring the beauty and grace that the flowers express. Whether you love them or not, these artificial flowers are the ideal solution to give your interiors the best look. Synergy Decor, one of the best interior designers in Chennai, finds that artificial flowers can be the best option compared to natural ones as they have a longer life. However, artificial flowers can do justice only when they are decorated in the right way. Hence, in this blog, we will look into specific tips that help you give a fresh and new look to your home with flowers.

Use Only Flower Heads For Decoration:

Most homes place the artificial flowers either in vases or on the shelves allowing them to get dusted over time. It is because many of them are unaware of the styling methods on how to use the flowers in the best way. Many home interior designers in Chennai suggest using only flowerheads rather than the whole bouquet. You can place the single strands of the flowers or only the flowerheads on your bookcases, desks, or wherever else you wish to decorate. This way of styling is ideal for those who want minimalist decor.

Go For Common Flowers:

Unlike tulips or orchids, you can opt for common flowers like marigolds or lilies, which can be available regularly. The primary purpose of using artificial flowers is they never fade away and can be changed as per the season. So, choosing common flowers can help you in achieving it and can also be changed as per the season. For example, during festivals like Diwali, you can select marigold, which keeps your space vibrant with the festive spirit.

Succulents For A Minimalistic Decor:

Another way you can adorn your space is to have succulents. These succulents are good at tricking as they create a significant impression on your home space. They are hard to identify as fake and look like natural flowers. However, many interior designers in Chennai for small houses opt for cacti of flowering variety to adorn the home more naturally.

Spa-Like Feel With Floating Flowers:

Nothing is better than having a calm and peaceful atmosphere when you enter your home. Floating flowers in a large bowl is one of the oldest ways of decorating your interiors. Just imagine a floating flower with lit tea light candles on a large bowl at the entrance is enough to make your ambience more calming. 

So, to make it more real, use the flower heads of your old bouquets but ensure they are large enough. You can even add some aromatic essential oil to the floating basket to mimic the scent of real flowers.

Hence, these are the most simple yet attractive ways to decorate your interiors where you need not put much effort. Synergy Decor, one of the top interior designers in Chennai, is here to offer you some expert tips and create the space you have always dreamt of.