If you have watched any periodic American drama, you might have known what mid-century modern interior design is? Drama series like Mad Men, Loki, and The Umbrella Academy are classic examples of mid-century modern interior design. If you have not known any of these, we Synergy Decor, the best interior designers in Chennai, bring you a detailed guide on the mid-century modern interior design with suitable examples. Read to know the same.

What Does Mid-Century Modern Interior Design Mean?

The mid-century modern interior design is still a popular interior design till now but has its origin in the middle of the 20th century. The mid-century modern interior design includes retro-modern style, uncluttered spaces, and clean lines. Hence, these mid-century designs are ideal for the urban flats and apartments.

History On Mid-Century Modern Interior Design:

It is believed that mid-century interior design was migrated through the German designers to the United States Of America post World War 2. Not soon this style gained popularity across the country because of its functionality and futuristic designs. Additionally, at this time there was large production of furniture in different sizes and shapes in respect of mid-century design. 

It is also to be noted that around the 20th century, many moved from country-side to larger cities which increased the popularity of design as it was a perfect fit for the urban homes. 

Characteristics Of Mid-Century Interior Design:

Below listed are the characteristics of the mid-century designs suggested by the best home interior designers in Chennai which makes it stand out from other contemporary designs of now.

  • Minimalistic
  • Combining Aesthetics And Materials
  • Including Outdoors Elements In Your Indoor Space
  • Mixing Neutral Shades With Pop Of Colors
  • Clean Lines
  • Flat Planes
  • Different Elevations For Various Indoor Features
  • Artworks, Rugs, And Abstract Wallpapers

Tips On Mid-Century Interior Design That You Should Include At Your Space:

Here are some tips which allow you to adorn your interiors as per the mid-century designs.

Include Statement Pieces:

The foremost step that you should take to incorporate mid-century interior design into your space is to have one or two (maximum) statement pieces. It can be either chair, wallpaper, or even a rug. However, ensure that remaining aspects of the design should complement these statement pieces.

Play With Colors:

The best part of mid-century interior design is you have a lot of colors in your space. However, the base should be neutral and do not be afraid to add a pop of color to the design. You can always experiment with the colors like blue, green, orange, and yellow. These types are ideal for modular kitchen Chennai.

Make Way To Your Artwork:

The mid-century interior design allows you to include artwork even the bold ones in your space. As per this design, artworks serve as a focal point of your room and act as statement pieces. Not only that, the colors in these artwork allows you to choose the shade for your room as well. 

Incorporate Nature:

As the mid-century interior design focuses on the simple, clean, and clutter-free ideas, try to incorporate more nature into your design by including indoor plants and windows. 

We at Synergy Decor, the best commercial interior designers in Chennai hope that suggested tips might be useful for you. If you want an amazing interior, approach us now!