Have you ever thought about the reason why space is often called “living”? It is related to the fact that we spend most of our time in this space. Hence, it is not a surprise to term this space as a “living room”. Thus, it is an undeniable fact that living space plays a crucial role in the house and naturally takes a significant part of your interior budget. It is also to be noted that all living rooms are the same size and change based on the family’s preference, and lifestyle. Therefore, here are certain essential things that you should know about designing a living room suggested by the interior designers in Velachery which will help you structure the space despite its size.

Choosing The Right Layout:

The foremost thing is to determine under which category your living space falls. As mentioned earlier, your living room is the heart of your home where you spend most of your time, cherish memories, and create lovely moments. 

Generally, there are two types of layout house interior design Chennai and they are,

Open Layout Living Room:

In this type, the living area directly opens up to the kitchen and if you want such a layout then make sure that you opt for darker shades. In the same way, don't block your living room and include sufficient windows for enough ventilation.

Closed Layout Living Room:

In this type, the living area is separated from the kitchen. While choosing this layout type for your living room, select lighter shade and push the things in your living room against the wall to create enough space to move around. 

Think About Dining Spaces:

When the interior space is designed for the living room it naturally includes the dining and lounging areas. It also does not mean that every living room should necessarily have a dining room and can be interchanged with a regular seating area. 

So, if you want to have a living area cum dining space then you can include a divider or partition to segregate the same. Steps, and arches are also great ways to segregate the living area cum dining space. However, if you have a living area that is very compact then you can also choose area rugs or a mirror panel to differentiate the suggested areas. These ideas also are great ideas for kitchen interior design Chennai when you want to have a kitchen and dining area combined. 


Formal Or Informal Living Area:

Thirdly, before deciding the type, understand the real purpose of the living area. For example, if the real function of your living area is to lounge and spend time with family and friends then you can choose informal decoration which includes large cushions, comfy seating areas, big TV unit, and recliners.

Incase of formal get togethers or for hosting, you can choose L-shaped sofas for more seating, coffee tables and a display unit to showcase the decoration items.

Hence, these are the most essential things that you should consider when designing or planning your living space. Choose Synergy Decor, the best residential and commercial interior designers in Chennai to have the right mix of elements to enhance your space significantly.