The home temple or pooja room is one of the major and essential parts of the Indian households as it connects the family members with the divine. It is also considered as the most sacred place in the home as it is the place where prayers are offered and offerings are placed before the divine. As home temple is an integral part of today’s modern home, the top interior designers in Chennai have created many stunning designs for the same which are discussed in this blog. Hence, below listed are some elegant design ideas that are perfect for your home temple which elevates the environment with more positivity and peace.

Jaali Panels:

The jaali panels are the most popular ones in the home temple designs as it perfectly fits to any home interiors. These are small lattices carved on the given panel such as wood or laminates which gives a unique yet a traditional look for the home temple. These types of designs are commonly seen on the surroundings of the temple's altar and replicating the same in the home temple can certainly make a difference to your space. So, jaali designs on the wood with sufficient drawers seamlessly fits your room and increases the aesthetic value. You can also ask the best home interior designers in Chennai to install drawers to keep the required things for the prayers.

Sleek Home Temple:

If you don’t think that traditional Indian home temple type will not work for your modern interiors, then you can choose sleek home temple design like a wall niche. It is a simple home temple design which pops from a corner of the wall with a beautifully carved door, a base unit with enough drawers, and light hangings. These are really intricate designs which complement your modern interiors with its sleekness. Always remember to choose neutral shades for this type of home temple design.

Go Compact:

We all have that one unused wall in our living room which can be turned into the most sacred place. You all need an empty wall and a low-rise base unit for this type of home temple design. The commercial interior designers in Chennai consider this type of design for the commercial spaces for the business owners who wish to have a sacred corner in their office.

It is a very simple design which does not take up much space. A low-rise unit with brass bells hanging from the walls adds glitter to your neglected corner.

Miniature Home Temple:

If you have a designated corner for your home temple then you are lucky enough to have a miniature home temple. You can opt for a beautifully carved marble home temple with the matching dividers which will be a replica of the real ones. 

Hence, these are some simple yet stunning ideas for your home temple which can turn any space into the most beautiful and organized one. Synergy Decor is your ideal partner in making such amazing designs for your living room, modular kitchen Chennai, bedroom, balconies, and many more.